AFEX exists to promote the work of French architects and their projects abroad. Annually, the organization presents a list of the most outstanding projects.
This project consisted of creating and developing a digital and interactive version of AFEX exhibition that would be launched in Brazil during the Pandemic.
I focused on the connection that each project had with their physical location (region, city, country). The main narrative was to show the relationship between the project, the space and the place.
The map was used as a central navigation element. Unlike a physical exhibition, here the public could freely choose which project to visit based on its location, in whatever order they wanted. Videos, photos and descriptive material supported the presentation of each project.
This project was developed by studio Nono, where I worked as Art Director

Client: Alliance française + Architectes Français à l'Export
Summary: Develop an interactive-digital exhibition
My role in this project: Art director
Programmer (Klynt): Alice Jardim

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