Olympic Atlas
Olympic Atlas. Three different maps showing data related to Olympic Games.
GQ Germany + Freeletics
Freeletics - Workout Infographics
Why Water is Missing?
How water are distribute in the Earth and why it is missing?
Visual Delight | Infographics 2
Art direction for multiples infographics using different data visualization techniques.
AIDS - From patient zero to 70 million
A timeline about the history of this pandemic.
Behind the Veil
A beautiful infographic about the Islamic culture of wearing veils. The difference in the use of this fabric between countries and many other information.
FIFA World Cup Map
What if each country had the size of its performance at the FIFA World Cups? Who are the best scorers in each nation?
The 23 that became 2 million
Art direction and design for an article that tell the incredible journey of 23 immigrants coming from Brazil that started the Jewish community in New York, around 17th century.
Cancer - The Prevention, The Struggle, The Victory
Creative Direction and art direction for special issue about Cancer.
Infographics: A small collection
One page infographics about different themes.
Look up. Your Uber has arrived.
Imagine a fleet of electric micro-planes, which take off and land vertically to escape traffic of large cities.
What's That Sound? – Brazilian Music Instruments
Brazilian music is full of complex, fascinating and weird instruments. Understand how it works in these award-winning infographics.
Visual delight with some Infographics and a lot of information...
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